The winter is great time to come to South Florida, especially because where you live might be super cool or very cold. If you need a break from that type of weather then South Florida is the place to come to visit and have a vacation.

The days are little bit shorter in the winter, usually getting dark around 6pm but the weather will still be wonderful, when the average high temperature is 70 degrees during the daytime and the night is a cool 60 degrees.

December is where you may be thinking about spending Christmas or Hanukkah on the wonderful beaches of Miami. We love that idea and you should too.  These two holidays bring a lot of visitors to our area, so make your plans early especially from December 21 – January 3.

To get some travel deals, January is a month to look at. Not so crowded and we will have space to participate in the Dolphin program in Miami. The weather can get a little cooler this month from the low 70s in the day and low 60s at night.  We are sure it is still a lot warmer than any city in the US. You can take that to the bank because Miami is usually the best weather in the country.

Winter Break, the 2nd to 3rd Week of February, is a wonderful time to take a vacation. If you are not going Skiing in the mountains, you need a little time on the beach and swimming with dolphins in Miami. The weather really starts to warm up as the days get longer and longer.

Dress during the winter months is alway casual, we recommend shorts for the day time and long pants for nights and same for girls/women.  A light jacket or Sweatshirt for day and night time wear might be worth bringing with you.

The water temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees and all dolphin programs you will get a wetsuit to keep you warm and cozy. Remember, Christmas and Winter break are super busy, so make your plans early!!

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