Many guests think that if they buy an observer ticket they can go into the water with the dolphins and touch and play them. We get this request quit often. Unfortunately this is NOT the case. An observer can do everything EXCEPT go into the water with the dolphins or touch them.

An observer does the following…

  • Can watch the participant that is in the water with the dolphins.
  • Observer will need to stand in the observation area only.
  • Observer can take photos and videos at no extra charge.
  • The observer can see all the shows and animal exhibits at no extra charge.

One big benefit of having an observer with you is they can take unlimited photos and videos of you while you are in the water. So if you have a friend with you, you might want to ask them to join you as observer to take photos of you.

Here is better definition of an observer. An Observer is a Participant’s friend or family member. Observers participate in all aspects of the program minus the in-water interaction. During the interaction you can cheer on the Participants and take photos or videos.

The Observers will stay in the observation area and have no contact with the dolphins. The fee includes complimentary admission to the park, so you can see the rest of the shows and exhibits, as well. Observers under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

An observer does have fun too because they can see all the animal shows, dolphin, sea lion and whale shows. Also, they can view all the animal exhibits too.

You can pay observers at the gate but it will save you a lot of time if you book the observer the time of your reservation. If you have any questions, please contact us….

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