We get the questions many times, “do you give a life vest when participating in the Dolphin Swim program?” Miami is an unique experience where life vest are not required to wear but wet suits are mandatory for the dolphin swim and dolphin encounter and all animal interactions within the park .

Here are some answers to help you with this question….

  1. Life Vest are not mandatory during the Dolphin Swim in Miami.
  2. If you want a life vest, you need to ask for it at the time of getting your wet suit.
  3. You may ask, “why don’t you give a life vest?”. The answer is that the wet suit will keep you a float. Also, you should be able to do a basic swim in the pool water, like a doggie paddle or side stroke.
  4. The pool is about 10 – 15 feet deep.

Now, the other big question, we get quite often is about wetsuits.

Here are some answers for you…

  1. Everyone that enters the water with the dolphins, MUST wear a wetsuit.
  2. Wetsuits are provided at no extra charge.
  3. We have all types of sizes, from very small to extra big. So don’t worry if you are a large person, we have a wet suit to fit you.
  4. During hot weather, you can keep the wet suit unzipped until you go into the water.
  5. During cold or chilly weather, you will be happy to have your wet suit on.
  6. The wet suits are used to keep the dolphins from too much exposure from your body and any potential germs.

One thing, please bring a bathing suit (swimwear ) to wear under your wetsuit.

We hope this helps you!

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