Professional photos will be taken of you during your Miami dolphin program. These photographers will be up close and take the best photos of you and your group in the water. The photos will be available as soon as you finish your dolphin and other animal interactions.

The professional photographers only take photos, NO VIDEO. You will have an opportunity to look and purchase the photos after your dolphin program. If you decide you do not want to purchase your photos, make sure you get your photo ID card, so you can look and possibly buy your photos online. Once you leave the facility, you won’t have access to your photos without the ID card.

You may ask, “Can I take my own photos”, yes, if you have an observer that comes with you, they can take photos and videos of you. You can NOT bring a camera into the water with you. So if everyone in your group is going into the water, you will need to either purchase photos or at least look at your photos and see if you want to purchase the photos.

Again, very important to look at your photos after your dolphin program but if you decide not to purchase, ask the photo attendant for your photo ID number and you can purchase online at your home.

Approximate Cost:

  • 1 Print 5X7 Photos = $45 each
  • Downloads All Photos for 1 person = $96
  • Download All Photos for each additional person = $30 each extra
  • Multiple packages available at photo counter
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