You can see the Dorsal Fin Ride in Miami is a lot of fun with this video below. This customer is having a blast as she experiences the power and gentleness of the dolphin as they glide across the water. The dolphin ride is the highlight of your dolphin swim odyssey.

Many people ask us if they need to know how to swim to participate. As you can see, the dolphin does most of the work and all you need to do is hold on. If you feel really nervous, then you should ask for a life vest to help calm your nerves.

Also, a lot guests don’t know that the Dorsal fin is the fin that sticks out of the water on top of the dolphin’s back. Almost looks like a shark fin but it is not same if you look at both species. Each dolphin fin is very distinct and all the trainer know the different dolphins from the dorsal fin. Some are larger than others and with different shapes. The shapes can be smooth lines and some with slightly jagged edges.  So when you hold to the doral fin, you will be whisked across the pool.

But after you see everyone doing it with no problem, you should be able to relax and enjoy the ride too.

What to Expect with your Dorsal Fin Ride

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