We get many requests per day asking what is the difference with the Miami Dolphin Encounter and the Miami Dolphin Swim Adventure / Odyssey.

Well a few things, first, the price.  As of the writing the price for the swim is usually about $60 per person more than the dolphin encounter.  The child rate is about $40 less than the adult rate. So if you are budget conscience, the dolphin encounter is the way to go. To see the current rates, please click the links with in the website here and you will see the rates.

Second, the dolphin encounter is only in shallow water. There is NO deep water time, No swimming with the dolphin. So if you can not swim, the dolphin encounter is the way to go. We always state the dolphin encounter is in waist deep water.

Third, the dolphin encounter you can be 5 years old and up to participate in the is program where the dolphin swim you need to be 52 inches tall, which is usually about 8 – 9 years old.

Fourth, in the Dolphin Swim Odyssey you will get some sort of ride across the water with the dolphins. Usually the ride is a dorsal fin ride but it can be a foot push or a belly ride. This ride is super exciting and is what a lot of guests really want to have.

Fifth, the group size, usually the dolphin encounter group can be 8 – 12 people and the dolphin swim is group size of 6 – 7 people. So hopefully this post will help you make the correct decision for you and your family.

Miami dolphin encounter Miami Dolphin Swim

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