Everyone is looking for a discount and chance to swim with the dolphins Miami cheaply. You can save money with online discount codes.

Well we have a discount code to save %5 if you book more than 8 days in advance. If you use this code, online5%off with our online booking form you can save the money.

Think about it, with the savings, you can pay for something extra, photos or a souvenir, you will love this savings.

The Dolphin Encounter is always less money than the dolphins swim. In the Dolphin Encounter you won’t get the ride across the pool. So if saving money, you definitely want to pick the dolphin encounter over the swim. Also, there are less restrictions with the Dolphin Encounter.

The one thing, you need to be a planner and need to book more than 7 days in advance to save money. Yes, we know some of you are last minute shoppers but unfortunately you won’t be able to save the money.

You can always call us if you have more questions about discounts.

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